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i love getting hot and horny somewhere risque

An independent woman looking for new experiences

I am a pre-op Transsexual. I was confirmed for surgery in 1994 but I was diagnosed with a blood condition that has resulted in me suffering blood clots. My last one was in 2009 and I have been told I am now fully fit.
I am looking for a guy who enjoys oral, I love swallowing cum.

fun loveing up for laugh a weekend animal and loves it .horny but no hoe .traveller gal so if that afends move off my page im very firey and honest will say has it is bit like marmite luv me or hate me wat ever way i dnt give a fuck .im bbw and proud to be so if thats prob jog on mwah.happy dayz whoop whoop xxxwat am I...

lm not sure what l want to write here at the moment but l will be adding photos and you decide!! l need some help with this really dont know what to put.
thanking everyone so far for your input Keep them coming you guys l love reading them Some wonderful suggestions but l couldnt possibly write some of them they are way too dirty lol

I'm not here to discuss the state of the economy or to broker world peace.
Put bluntly, I'm here for cock and perhaps the odd bit of girl on girl action. I'm somewhat of an exhibitionist and voyeur in equal measure and I get off on having encounters in public places and masturbating on webcam, sometimes even to your specifications... so if you're on skype, just ask. ;-)
Please note...

NOT ON HERE FOR SEX CHAT or WEBCAM.... IM REAL ....FOR REAL MEETS... Hello, I'm a Friendly, Bubbly, Mature Lady, I have a good social of friends, I'm fairly laid back ,But don't take me for a fool, I know what I'm looking for. I don't have a particular type but I am choosy. I'm happy with my...

So I am into train spotting! I have my anorak and book and pencil. I like to watch paint dry as one of my greatest hobbies!
I am very forward and out going for a spotter and don't mix well in the train club! Hurts my feelings!
I like to play snap and guess who also. Which can be a really fun night with chips and dips! Wow this girl...

I'm just a normal girl looking for some flirting and fun...who knows where it will lead :)

I'm 28, single and just want some no strings mutually enjoyable fun with men between 21-35. Not interested in people who spin lines saying one thing.. Then treat me like dirt.. Just had one of those and safe to say Ive lost some confidence Not interested in time wasting or pushy people either

OK, where do i start, looking for someone on same wave length as me. .xxx

Need some fun, so back to see if there's anyone new and enticing for a bubbly large girl... Answers on a postcard pls Make it daring, don't make it just about the bedroom... add a bit of foreplay (mentally) into it Just so not to delude anyone, I'm not a small girl... and I'm not ashamed to be me, I'm a size 20 for those that need to know! ;-)

I'm wise and don't stand for any BS.
And that's all you need to know at the mo!
I have removed the bj behind the marquee bit. It has clearly offended a couple of guys which is very surprising due to the fact they are on this type of website?

light on light off doesnt matter, on top missionary both can be extremely pleasing if u can handle a long legged adventurous girlie that ticks most guys boxes then pls get my attention and see if you tick all my boxes. Here a few to start us off yes I do swallow I like foreplay and do expect hours to those only lasting minutes. size does matter so any one...

I'm 28, single and just want some no strings mutually enjoyable fun with men between 21-35. Not interested in time wasting or pushy people either

Newly single .... and looking for some casual fun and someone open minded for pure lust. I love 2 experiment and like being wild now and again ... why not eh????

happily married 53 year old lady looking for well endowed black guys to pleasure me while while hubby watches and films us, get intouch with an email then we can exchange pics .

Bright, bubbly, blonde with brains! Free spirit required...........

I'm on the verge of giving up looking for a genuine guy .... I've been messed about so much and let down ..... But I was looking for one sexy fella to have some discreet fun with once/twice a week! Someone who likes a voluptuous lady ... I'm cheeky, adventurous, kind, funny and can be very sexy ....

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